We offer detailed user guides for all of our products and user-generated product reviews, as well as analyses and solutions to problems. Users can browse similar products and watch videos online on our website or download them to watch on their computers. Users can also submit questions or advice to our website. MeeBoss will provide professional solutions and a satisfactory experience, as well as improve our products based on users’ advice and opinions..d.

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MeeBoss was founded in May 2011 and has been providing products and services for mobile networks since then. Based on our core product, the Personal Cloud Service Platform, we have been producing consumer-oriented and high quality videos and audio content that are compatible to our other products. MeeBoss offers services for mobile devices such as smartphones/tablets and a personal cloud service platform that conforms to the new era formed by mobile networks and cloud computing technology. The platform connects the four most common internet-able devices in our lives: smartphones, tablets, computers and televisions.

Our chairman, Chen Sian-si, demonstrates MeeBoss’ Personal Cloud Service Platform, products and multimedia content on internet-able devices, such as computers, smartphones and tablets. This video shows how the platform provides users with a cross-device experience.


Download MeeBoss software here. MeeServer.exe connects all sorts of devices to home computers while MeeReader.apk converts videos, audio files, pictures and documents on smartphones and tablets to broadcast them on computers or televisions.

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The Supreme Group has a total of 280 employees around the world.  Composed of professional marketing sales representatives backed by an experienced administrative/logistics support team, the group actively develops comprehensive marketing strategies to continue its pattern of growth. ....